Mad Fuckers: Earning Their Divorces

9th April 2023 by Modern-day sins

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The Mad Fuckers: Earning Their Divorces porn video is made by Modern-day sins studio and played with Casey Calvert and Victoria Voxxx and Dante Colle .
Two friends, Casey Calvert and Victoria Voxxx, are devastated to learn that their husbands want a divorce. Discussing the situation, they become suspicious when Dominc Paco, Victoria Voxxx's husband, and Dante Colle, Casey Calvert's husband, both broach the subject of divorce. After more comparisons, Casey and Victoria discover that their husbands went to the same lawyer and had the divorce papers drawn up on the same day. They realize that their spouses have coordinated their divorce petitions. The wives have even encouraged each other to do so, as neither of their husbands is sure of himself. The wives become increasingly furious as they imagine the selfish reasons their husbands might have for leaving them, and begin to concoct a plan for revenge - if their husbands want to "explore and try new things", then that's what they'll get.Later, Casey and Victoria confront their husbands. The women offer to sign divorce papers if their husbands had sex while they were watching. Dante and Dominic are shocked, but they really want a divorce, so they agree to do it. The women bring the husbands' heads together and ask them to kiss, then undress and suck each other's dicks. Eventually, the women join in the sex but remain dominant throughout, making sure their husbands really deserve their divorce.


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