I Can't Cum Without Her

4th July 2023 by Puretaboo

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The I Can't Cum Without Her porn video is made by Puretaboo studio and played with Kenna James and Dee Williams and Alex Mack .
Married couple Kate and Trevor (Kenna and Alex Mack) are visiting Trevor's mother-in-law Leslie (Dee Williams). Leslie was contacted in advance to confirm that she would be home and to let her know that they had something to tell her. When Leslie opens the door, they realize something is on their minds. Leslie offers to share her news with them in the living room. Kate approaches Leslie and shyly explains that Trevor has been unable to have sex with Leslie and that their efforts to have a child have been in vain. Leslie is shocked to hear this, but tries to support her son-in-law and his wife. After all, this is a difficult situation for a newly married couple. Leslie is even more embarrassed and shocked when Kate tells her WHY Trevor can't finish. Trevor kept Leslie's taboo affair a secret until trouble arose. Trevor's mother-in-law is secretly upset that he can never cum with another woman since they had a taboo relationship. Kate and Trevor think of a solution for Leslie. They suggest she help Trevor cum now, while he and Kate fuck in front of Leslie. Leslie feels scared and confused... but she can't ignore her guilt. She decides to stay by Trevor's side as they kiss passionately in the living room, motivating and touching him throughout the kiss. This will allow Trevor to get Kate pregnant. Will this be enough for Kate and Trevor to forgive him?


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