Long Time No Stalk

11th July 2023 by Puretaboo

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The Long Time No Stalk porn video is made by Puretaboo studio and played with Victoria Voxxx .
Cora (Victoria Voxxx), opening her door for her newspaper, is shocked to see Marcus (Robby Apples) standing over her. It turns out that Marcus is a man who stalked her when she lived in another state, although Cora never had enough evidence to get a restraining order. Cora moved here to get away from him, but it seems all her efforts were for naught as Marcus followed her and moved in next door. Marcus watches Cora with frightened eyes as she goes about her daily business. Marcus watches Cora as she cleans her house, gardens and showers. He even sneaks into her living room to get a better look. When Cora finds new footprints outside her window, she calls again for help. It seems she's on her own. The next day, Marcus shows up at Cora's front door, carrying one of her packages. Cora is able to see through Marcus's disgusting smile. He says he was delivered by mistake. She wants to know how he's going to leave her forever. Marcus figures it would be a huge inconvenience for him to move so soon after arriving, but hints that he COULD consider it if she gives him the chance.... Cora can't believe her ears, but decides to take a risk and give Marcus what he's always wanted so she can finally get rid of him forever.


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