Out Of Our System

March 28, 2023 by Puretaboo


Summary of the video

"Out Of Our System" is directed by studio Puretaboo and stars Aften Opal and Oliver Davis.
The parents of Charlie and Nadia (Oliver Davis and Aften Opal) have just gotten married, making these two teenagers half-siblings overnight. What their parents don't know, however, is that Charlie and Nadia used to date. Their past relationships have been kept secret to protect their new one. They can't help but feel the pull of their old relationship and grow closer, even though they tried to avoid these thoughts after moving in together. They decide to do everything they can not to think of each other in this way. Their relationship with their parents is the most important thing. Who are they to stand in their way? They can be controlled, can't they? But they soon realize that even if they try to ignore each other... the attraction is too strong. They have to find a way to satisfy their needs, without their parents knowing.They come up with an idea one day when their parents are away. They've never made love while dating, so maybe they NEED to make love NOW to free themselves once and for all. Maybe it's the only way they can live a normal life together. A foretaste of the forbidden fruit before the tree is cut down. Will this one moment of passion satisfy their desires or just fan the flames?

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