We Mustn't Upset Him

27th July 2023 by Puretaboo

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The We Mustn't Upset Him porn video is made by Puretaboo studio and played with Dee Williams and Lulu Chu .
Katie (Lulu Chu) has just lost her parents in a tragic accident. So she moves in with an estranged family friend, Wanda (Dee Williams), and Wanda's husband, Harold. Wanda's husband is apparently away on business, so Katie doesn't get to meet him when he arrives, but Wanda makes a point of informing Katie that Harold has strict rules in his house. Katie is a little annoyed, but grateful to have a place to retreat to. Over the next few weeks, however, Katie never manages to catch a glimpse of Harold. Harold is always out or on another business trip. But that doesn't mean Katie doesn't feel his presence in other ways. As Wanda restricts Katie's freedom for Harold's sake, what began as a seemingly innocent arrangement turns into a tense situation. Katie concludes that Wanda is trapped in an abusive relationship, causing Wanda to experience torrents of anxiety and anguish. Katie confronts Wanda and suggests a spanking to help her overcome her demons and escape Harold's shadow. Wanda and Katie end up having intense, energetic lesbian sex, which fortunately seems to give Wanda a new perspective on her life. What will Harold make of all this, you may ask?


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