In The Pocket

12th July 2023 by Transfixed

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Synopsis of the porn scene

The In The Pocket porn video is made by Transfixed studio and played with Rachael Cavalli .
Rachael Cavalli is hanging out alone in a pool hall. Janie Blade enters and observes her shyly before she has the courage to approach. Rachael Cavalli sets up a pool table and starts playing. Janie explains that she's here to learn how to play, as her girlfriend really likes billiards. Rachael is intrigued and agrees to teach Janie. Rachael touches Janie to show her the basics. They flirt more and more, and Rachael suggests they have some fun and play a real game... of strip pool! Janie says she's sure her girlfriend won't mind as long as her skills improve. They play a game in which they both lose their clothes until they agree it's time to have some other fun.


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